It isn't lost on me at all when white ppl listen to me about racism more than they listen to ppl actually affected by racism

If you listen to a white person about racism more than you listen to someone actually affected by it, I hope you feel embarrassed by that
there's two types of sources

A primary source is someone who actually experienced the event first hand, like an eye witness to a crime

A secondary source is someone who did not experience the event personally and is reporting on it based on their understanding of what happened
It makes absolutely no sense to dismiss the evidence provided by a primary source in favour of a secondary source

That is exactly what you're doing when you treat non-white ppl talking about racism with skepticism while believing white people about racism
White people who don't experience systemic racism can only ever be a secondary source. No matter how accurately a white person reports on racism, we will only ever be a secondary source

When possible, take your information from PRIMARY sources, not secondary sources
@ white ppl reading this

I'm a secondary source. I'm only writing this thread because I know that due to my white privilege most of you will listen to me over a non-white person

I need you to reflect on this and change this, because quite frankly it's embarrassing
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