6/ A little bit about Thomas Sheedy. He’s definitely Republican. I would guess he leans libertarian. That’s right, he seems be on the staff of Turning Points USA.
7/ TP- USA has recently been outed as part of the super secret Christo-fascists umbrella group, CNP. Since Sheedy is an atheist, i’m not sure how he squares the relationship or whether he’s even in on the secret https://washingtonspectator.org/nelson-cnp/ 
8/ Trollan seems to have a much larger organization, also New Atheist
9/ There’s a little YouTube channel, Convo Couch,part of Niko’s House’s MCSC Network. Oh wow, what a strange coincidence! Look at their guest. I wonder why they would host a Republican, Charlie Kirk TP-USA, operative on their little lefty show and why there’s no transparency?
10/ But the main sponsor of the Better Discourse Conference is, as noted when this thread began, is MythInformed MKE. These are from their 2017 tax filings, the last available. Note that this conference is a big part of their budget & that they appear to compensate the talent
11/ So the question for Niko House is whether he’s taking money from the Jack Posobiec connected Mythinformed MKE or from the TP-USA connected Atheists for Liberty? Or neither? Not even for travel expenses?
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