Build Back Better the New Grey Slogan. (BBB)
Our brain is a delicate organ, separated from general circulation and is characterized by the presence of relatively impermeable Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). The BBB maintains homeostasis in the brain thus restricting the entrance
of extraneous elements and molecules from reaching the brain. As a result potentially injurious particles do not reach the target site and fail to produce in vivo response. Introducing lipid nanoparticles; those are taken up readily by the brain because of their lipophilic nature
The bioacceptable and biodegradable nature of lipid nanoparticles makes them less toxic and suited for brain targeting.
Guess what contains lipid nanoparticles?
Catherine A. Fitts compared the new mRNA medical devices to a computer operating system, stating that just like operating systems such as Windows, that there would be a back door where the technocrats, the Grey ones will be able to control our bodies through regular updates.
A vivid analogy of what the lost ones seek to accomplish with this new class of injectables, isn't it ?
Well, it turns out this was not an analogy at all. Moderna, the manufacturer of one of the experimental mRNA devices that has currently been issued emergency use authorization,
has actually published on their website that this is true: the mRNA medical coding injects an operating system into your body that they call The Software of Life.
The Grey ones have become so bold, and the human masses have become so compliant, that they no longer need hiding.
Lipid based formulations can be designated as the current and future generation of drug delivery systems as these possess tremendous potential to bypass BBB and reach the target site due to their small size and ability to dodge the reticular endothelial system. Don't get injected
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