Absolutely unacceptable. Physical violence against media (read entire thread) is never ok. https://twitter.com/bgonthescene/status/1380960195065614343
“Dude you were at the Capitol, were you or were you not?”

@BGOnTheScene video-documented J6.

This interaction reveals the real-world implications of claiming primary source journalism amounts to endorsement.

By this argument, Brendan would also be an anti-eviction activist. https://twitter.com/bgonthescene/status/1380960195065614343
This exact interaction happened to me once when a militia group acting as security for the Proud Boys apparently believed online trolling claiming I’m “antifa” because I’ve filmed/interviewed Antifascist activists. https://twitter.com/fordfischer/status/1309964412552318976
The possibility of violence from these innuendoes and disinformation online is not an abstraction.

@BGOnTheScene was physically assaulted today.

On the day of the example in my previous tweet, Proud Boys did the same exact thing for the same stated reasons. https://twitter.com/fordfischer/status/1310033377089650688
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