Thoughts for @JustinTrudeau and @fordnation: Every 4 years we mobilize Canadians to vote and tens of millions do this in one day. How can we leverage our elections infrastructure, mechanisms, volunteers and processes to mass vaccinate? /1
Use the voting database and send out "where to vaccinate" instead of where to vote. Use all poll locations you've used for elections. I go to my local school and register with my vaccination card. A healthcare volunteer asks for my ID and crosses me off the list 2/
Since some of the polling locations are schools you can vaccinate the kids and teachers when the vaccination polls aren't open to the general public 3/
Put a countdown timer or a frickin whiteboard and tell those in line how many vaccines are available for that session. For those who can't get the vaccines give them a front of line wrist band that they can show the next day before the vaccine polls open. /4
Hold the media accountable, just like they are you @fordnation and @JustinTrudeau right now, to get the word out (without paying them to advertise) in print, TV, radio and social media. Use slogan "Get Out And Vaccinate" /5
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