Today, at the 2021 Federal New Democratic Party Convention, delegates voted in favour of resolution “04-10-20 Justice and Peace in Israel-Palestine”, a one-sided resolution targeting Canada-Israel trade relations.
"The NDP’s adoption of resolution 04-10-20 Justice and Peace in Israel-Palestine highlights a toxic obsession with Israel to the serious detriment of the party." - @ShimonFogel, CIJA President and CEO 1/5
"It is staggering that, given the state of the world and the consequential issues before us, including the pandemic, the NDP placed this resolution and one other targeting the Jewish community on the list of top Foreign Policy concerns." 2/5
"In doing this, the NDP ignored catastrophes unfolding in Syria, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Brazil, Hong Kong, and elsewhere around the world. That is shameful." 3/5
"In order to make a constructive contribution to the complex discussion about peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the NDP must forego its pathological preoccupation with Israel, recognize there are two parties to the conflict, and stop infantilizing the Palestinians." 4/5
"This unbalanced and obsessive concern with Israel renders the NDP irrelevant on this subject and interferes with the party’s ability to address issues that should be core to the progressive agenda." 5/5
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