I know I'll get a lot of slack for this, but after sitting on it for a few days, I hated the fact that Zoro has Conquerors. I felt like it destroyed a part of his character.. that was until I started rereading and realized how wrong me and everyone was about CoC. Lemme explain
Zoro was always training day in day out. A huge part of his character was hardwork (Like Rock Lee). Looking at this Kuina exchange, she told Zoro he's "lucky" he was a man, something determined from birth and will lead to an unfair advantage against her
Youd probably pick this up instantly, but replace "born a man" with "born with conquerors" and youd have the same dilemma. It's canonical now that people with CoC have a higher potential in power from birth since they have an extra tool to train and utilise. Zoro, ofc, HATED this
Zoro realized how unsatisfying it really is. He acknowledged that if that's the case, him winning over his opponents. Ofcourse being a man doesn't automatically make you win, just like CoC doesnt make you win. But it DOES diminish from the credit if a part of it was predetermined
But this is where things change... I started rereading to learn more about CoC, and.. Everyone was wrong LMAO ppl aren't actually born with CoC and its not random either. There's not one mention of that in the story. CoC actually is latent within EVERYONE
That comment in amazon Lily is often used as reference for ppl that say CoC is inherent. But in actuality, it doesn't mean that at all. Taking Rayleighs comment 80 chapters later, conquerors is a MANIFESTATION of someone's spirit. Once someone's will reaches a certain level of -
Conviction or determination. A person's will is what unlocks conquerors in a person. THAT'S why it cannot be trained, but only controlled. One cannot train his own resolve or heart. It's said Conquerors is common in people that make a big name for themselves which is TRUE
That's bc those peoples conviction in rising up or achieving their goals was strong enough to the point their will manifested as CoC, not vice versa. CoC can only be unlocked and strengthened by ironing your will further, NOT smth ur born with. Recall what Zeff said about Luffy
"guys like him, every now and then that fight to the death once they decide on a goal. The worst enemy to face." doesn't that sound AWEFULLY similar to the will of conquerors? This is LITERALLY luffy and Zoro to a T, and THAT'S why they are able to unlock CoC because of that will
THIS is why someone like Sanji, who's nearly as strong as those 2 wouldn't be able to unlock CoC EVEN if its dormant in him. He was content just living in Baratie and thought of the All blue as a "would be nice" kinda thing, instead of dying to go out there in any way possible
This is in no way to put down sanji or anyone who doesn't have CoC though, you can be INSANELY strong but still be hesitant about your overall goal. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Garp wouldn't have CoC. The guy is content with just maintaining peace
That's why all in all, Im completely fine and happy with Zoros conquerors because it's a RESULT of his hardwork and determination. If he beats Mihawk with it and mihawk doesn't have it, that's MIHAWK'S own problem for lacking in conviction
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