I've got that fantasy itch. Anyone got some recent good fantasy books to recommend?

(Game of Thrones and Harry Potter recommendations will have the muted or banned consequences.)
Want some guidance? There is this thread https://twitter.com/nyvinter/status/871715706022318082
Five (+bonus) books to summon me meme:
Angela Carter - Burning Your Boats
Ursula Le Guin - Tehanu
Terry Pratchett - Hogfather
Mervyn Peake - Gormenghast
Lloyd Alexander - Book of Three
Patricia McKillip's "The Riddle Master"
Other good books:
• Diana Wynne Jones "Deep Secret" (and all her books)
• Lisa Goldstein "Walking the Labyrinth"
• Christopher Priest "The Glamour"
• John Crowley "Little, Big"
• Emma Bull "War For the Oaks"
• Jeff VanderMeer "City of Saints and Madmen"
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