thinkin abt identity
thinkin abt how identity is simulaneously extremely important and total bullshit at the same time. what's the deal with that
thinkin abt how my identity is tied to both discordian beliefs and my interpretation of the biblical lucifer which grants me the power to be as fluid and absurdist with the whole of my identity as i damn well please, but also that im extremely lucky to do so
thinkin abt it identity for most ppl is less informed by one's own desires and more informed by how they fit in with the world as a whole. thinkin abt how some ppl simply cannot choose their own identity and simply are forced to identify as what the world says they should
that shit simultaneously sucks and also rules, because even if you begin to question yourself you have a guiding hand back to what you previously believed, even if that may or may not be entirely beneficial to you. whatever. go with the flow. good on you!
but also if you have a solid identity then that informs your belief system! and sometimes your belief system clashes with those of your peers, even if they are who ground your identity! which means u gotta stand up for what u believe in. which is cool! and good! do that!!!!
i also have identifiers that the world has picked for me, but i simply choose to accept them because i am afforded that luxury. the world has attempted to give me many identifiers that simply did not work. i tried them. they sucked. i simply did not vibe with them. Away They Go.
basically what i'm saying is that everything makes sense if u let it but also nothing can ever really truly make sense because literally everyone ever is just making everything up as they go along, and that's okay, that's legit, that's understandable
eden what the literal fuck are u talking abt!!!!!

exactly ;3c
having a "confusing" identity is cool as hell! so is having a stable identity that most ppl can understand given enough thought! do u choose to revel in the chaos or do u choose to bring order to the self that others see? That's Identity Baybey!!!!
ultimately the only invalid the one that tries to control other people's identities intentionally!! that's objectively bad

every identity unintentionally informs other identities too of course! and that's okay! that's how we Grow and Understand and Percieve.
additional stream of consciousness observation: i have had too many energy drinks today

is this an identifier?? most ppl may not believe so! as it is not a solid, withstanding identifier. but for me, right now, in this moment... i have had too many engie dinks.
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