The first Western book on WWII on the Eastern Front worthy of the name, that is, one that doesn’t (at least in a large degree) parrot Soviet and post-Soviet propaganda (especially the lies contained in the so called “memoirs” of Soviet marshals (the very worst liar being Zhukov)
and does rely on new documents uncovered in Soviet archives during the “period of chaos” (that is, until Putin closed them again), especially by Mark Solonin. Still, it’s already a little dated, does not refer to the lates evidence and curiously believes that Solonin is a
pseudonym (Solonin lives outside Russia, in Estonia I believe, and uses his own name. He now has his own YouTube Chanel, where he has been explaining the history of the construction of the American & Soviet atom bombs (yes, the first Soviet version was entirely based on stolen
secrets. I Solonin’s words, top secret information was flowing from the Americans to the Soviets like a huge river).
(Solonin is, by the way, a professional aviation engineer and expert on military aviation technology. He used to work on Soviet secret projects and still works
in aviation technology. In his words: “any engineer can be a historian but very few historians could be engineers ...”.
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