This thread encompasses much of what I’ve been arguing about the #MedEd #recruitment points arms race for some time. This is only going to escalate as MedEd becomes more of an industry. When does the bubble burst?
Did a talk recently for #medstudents where I ran a poll:

“To succeed at medical school I need a first author publication or a national presentation”

Almost 50% agreed.

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I hadn’t even heard of half of this stuff before I graduated. Now it’s the norm. Now I have first year (!) med students messaging me, telling me they “need” a paper. Not for the love of research - for points.

As a fresher I was far to asleep to message anyone.
Clearly, one look at my profile & you’ll see I’ve jumped the hoops & played the game. I’ve supported students to play it to, in the hope they can get some development out of it. We all have.

But at what point do we say ‘this is too much’ for our students? What has to happen?
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