Underlying elite western premise = if you have any objections to allowing as many of whoever wants to live in your country to do so you are a racist/Nazi. Not insane. Natural thought for the powerful when ignorant + arrogant. They see the rest of humanity as their Lego bricks.
Their ignorance of politics cannot be understated. They are deeply miseducated & they way they understand human / political life misshapen. Their arrogance is such that they think they can control any group of people. They can't imagine it otherwise.
They have no idea what founding or maintaining a political regime takes. They don't even know what "regime" means. They don't know what "citizenship" means. They don't understand what "human nature" means. They aren't even aware of the fundamental questions & challenges in play.
A country to them is merely a procedural arrangement of Lego bricks by which one maintains a bland sort of material power by means of social science and propaganda. And every individual human being is merely another thing also made up of Lego bricks that can be rearranged.
If all this was true, their position makes sense: humans are Lego bricks and their ideas, habits of soul, and state of life doesn't matter. So you just categorize everyone like Legos by color to build whatever you please and then assert racism if anyone raises objections.
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