Did we ever get to talk about Sharon Osbourne "leaving" The Talk?

A few things irked me:
1. How much the media covering Osbourne's epic racist meltdown were treating it like a "both sides!"™ situation as though Sheryl Underwood was being just as racist, aggressive, and violent as Osbourne.
2. How they shut down the entire production and had everyone stop working instead of just putting the offending person on leave until the investigation was complete. And they really didn't have to investigate much because everything was caught on camera.
3. How Osbourne's apology wasn't even an apology but everyone kept calling it an apology. A zebra is not an elephant just because you call it an elephant.
4. How someone like Osbourne gets to say that she "left" a place she was technically fired from, and leave with a platinum parachute.

The whole time, I kept wondering: What if she was Black?
I also keep wondering when the self-appointed princess of Arizona Meghan McCain--whose only claim to fame is being a dead politician's daughter, but she stay worried about other people's credentials--is going to be served her walking paper because she's been racist from day.
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