Now that covid cases are coming closer than ever for all of us, I really cannot think enough of the monumental efforts this government has put up in fighting the same. A journey of the central government's enormous handling of the pandemic in the country.
The much maligned and publicly ridiculed opposition of the chief, whom more than half the country considers a dimwit, warned us about the impending disaster on 12 Feb 2020.

Part time union ministers & full time Twitter trolls mocked him as usual.
18 March 2020. The country is in a sombre mode. Everyone is looking up to the govt for further instructions. Parliament is working because MP govt is to be toppled. TMC MPs who wore a mask, were instructed by V Naidu to take them off & not spread panic.
19 March 2020, the cult "Janta curfew" is announced by the PM. Virus chain was to be broken. Pseudo science peddled writ large. India was to be free of Covid come 22nd. It was the usual masterstroke by the genius PM. We were winning against Covid and how.
You would really expect Union ministers to give their best in times of unprecedented crisis. They tried. At least one of them did with utmost sincerity.

Poets chronicle the best & worst of our times. They record our history. Our story. He did as well.
My grandparents often spoke about the partition & migration. We always heard stories. Could only imagine how bad it could be

73 years later in an independent India, the state abdicated its responsibility & how. An artificial crisis bigger than the natural
People haven't stopped dying. Virus is still raging. Low fatality rate is peddled around as a medal. Theory that inherent immunity of Indians is shared all around. Vaccines are arriving. We have won.

Pappu again stupidly says something in advance. Idiot.
The year is about to end. Annual awards are pouring in. No one is contesting for the fraud of the year award. If the Professor in money heist thought he pulled off the impossible through meticulous planning and insane execution, he should rethink.
The vaccines are here. Now from %age stats, we have moved to absolute numbers in terms of population vaccinated. Vaccine is shown as personally researched, developed and administered by the PM. The euphoria is running over rising inflation & obvious gloom.
This past year, we've lost our family, friend, lovers and people everywhere. Was all of it avoidable? No. Was a large part of it avoidable? Hell yes.

The government failed us. It criminally abdicated its responsibilities. It chose agendas and propagandas over real lives & health
Modi, Trump & Bolsonaro were the three kings of doom who ran down their country to a dumpster. Trump was voted out aptly & the US has since been on the correct side of the Covid news. Bolsonaro has faced scathing criticism?

Ask an Indian & they'll tell you Modi saved their life!
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