One thing that’s a bit frustrating about Chait’s piece here is that he really doesn’t seem to grasp how long all of this has been happening. Probably because he’s been too busy clutching pearls about campus speech for the past several years. I mean...
The list goes on and on and on and on. This was just the most Twitter would allow me to add to a thread at one time, but you get the idea.
Here’s a @mmfa video from 2018
Here’s another 2018 video about that
For years people have been saying “Hey, uh... the things they’re saying on these shows are extremely similar to the type of things white supremacist mass shooters say motivates them. Might be worth, you know, paying attention to this?”
And in response, guys like Chait would just go “tsk-tsk-tsk is this cancel culture? Are you unable to handle someone having a different opinion?” as though that’s what the issue was. Just totally missing the point.
The point is less “this person should be stopped” or whatever and much, much, much more that people should at least understand what messages are being pushed and question why it resonates with so many.
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