I’m not going to rt that Yang video that’s been resurfaced. All I’ll say is, no, I actually think we SHOULD celebrate any time someone gets an abortion, because we should celebrate any time someone gets healthcare they need/want @ReproFundNH #NHPolitics
An abortion is a gift, a lifeline, the door to the rest of your life, but above all, an abortion is healthcare. He wants a people-centered economy? That should include an economy where EVERYONE has access to full spectrum, high quality healthcare.
So yeah, we celebrate every time we at ReproFund are able to finance an abortion, because it’s a gift and an honor to be able to provide people in need with healthcare. It’s the greatest privilege of my life to work with @ReproFundNH and it’s something to celebrate every day.
Anyways, that shit is so damaging to hear. Abortions are not cause for shame. And frankly this is one reason why I don’t consider Yang a progressive - being pro choice is sort of bare minimum type stuff for so called progressives, IMO
and if any blue hat Twitter people invade my mentions to tell me that actually Yang is right about this, I have some free advice for you: how about shut tf up?
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