Maybe it’s because I remember the Cold War but it’s truly hard for me to believe that anyone is using the word “comrade” unironically
The majority of the people I see using it sincerely seem to be 10+ years younger than me which adds weight to the idea that I’m just too old to not see that word as cosplay
I just associate it with oppressive regimes that use the facade of comity to justify brutal oppression so... yeah it’s a bit hard to employ it as a genuine term of solidarity.
I do support responding to nosy people with the barb, “Who are you? Comrade Question?” however.
Anyway I’m not here to police your usage of it, I truly don’t care if you find it meaningful, I just *personally* feel deeply embarrassed at the thought of using the word
In conclusion, looking forward to the inevitable dunks on how I'm a neoliberal shill because a word I associate with a regime that brutally oppressed people I know makes me feel weird 😬
This thread is not a defense of US imperialism or its perpetration of genocide, it's not an either/or thing
I can, in fact, think most global powers are bad regardless of their economic system
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