Thread - #OTD in 1981, in Brixton, South London, riots erupted. For 3 nights, blacks & whites showed desperate, long seated anger at local police & institutional racism. Racist stop & search SUS laws & attacks on young people particularly, critical to understanding the riots.
Brixton police station known for beatings given to local black youth. The New Cross Fire, where 13 young backs died, was on many minds. No one ever brought to justice for it (Fire widely thought to be done by fascists). Notorious 'Swamp 81' in Brixton exacerbated tensions.
Over 1000 extra police carried out SUS/Swamp 81. In riots, racist 'whites only' pub was targeted. Many arrests. Brixton Defence Campaign defended many arrested. Scarman report, though sympathetic to some locals anger, went down badly, in area. Riots broke out later in year, in UK
Common factors - structural, endemic discrimination, police racism, Thatcher govt running down public services. The Dub Poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson brilliantly chronicled the times. He, @AlexWheatle writings/music, Specials 'Ghost Town', caught mood of anger & despair, superbly.
Today, #BlackLivesMatter reflects new generation anger at #institutionalracism in wake of George Floyd murder. The Sewell report called 'whitewash' by many anti racists. Read/listen to LKJ, Alex Wheatle for 1st hand accounts, which still resonate.
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