Dominic Cummings new “tech consultancy” has had meetings with at least 2 UK ministries to get funding for science projects.

Cummings new firm - SIWAH - is named after the Egyptian oasis where Alexander the Great is said to have confirmed his divinity & Pharaoh status.

Dominic Cummings new firm barely registered a month old with Cummings the only person (officially) involved so far.

For a company with no capital, assets, staff or history to be able to see govt employees or ministers would be, at the very least, highly irregular.

However despite the newness of the company it looks like Cummings has already generated business in the defence sector including analysis used by & for military contractors in the ongoing Libyan military situation.

One of the major military contractors Cummings has reportedly done business for there is to undertake “sentiment analysis” for defence organisations associated with Erik Prince.

Erik Prince is one of the most powerful & controversial military contractors operating today - thanks to multi $billion contracts for the US govt in Middle East & North Africa.

He was also named in US sponsored targeted killings - illegal under international law.

Prince thru a variety of business & private equity firms is now both a leading military player in North Africa as well as an investor in its business. He has also on a number of occasions sought to replace existing govts - including for example his preferred warlord in Libya.

So we return to Dominic Cummings.

Cummings dealing with UK govt must be transparent.

The people he is dealing with are the most controversial powerful corrupt private military groups and warlords on the planet.
He cannot be allowed to access UK govt money for this.

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