Following the death of #PrincePhilip let's revisit the history of male English/British male royal consorts. A thread (1):
Let us begin with England's first Queen-Regnant Mary Tudor who married Philip of Habsburg - who was created King of England - in 1554. The rather unpopular marriage was designed to create a Netherlandish-English union, but was cut short after Mary's childless death in 1558 (2)
The next Queen-Regnant Elizabeth I remained unmarried and Queen Mary II's husband William III was full co-sovereign so not counting him as a prince-consort (3)
Mary II' successor Queen Anna was married to Prince George of Denmark who was created Duke of Cumberland and appointed Lord High Admiral after his wife's succession. Sadly George suffered from severe asthma and died in 1708. Anna was reported to be heartbroken (4)
Then we move to Queen Victoria who married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840 - the marriage was designed by Victoria's uncle Belgian King Leopold I -. The marriage was a happy one and some noted he was "King to all intents and purposes.". He died in 1861 aged 42 (5)
The current British #QueenElizabethII married #PrincePhilip in 1947 who became the Queen's confidant and companion through 74 years of marriage (6)
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