Oh no, we're doing this again and I don't have the impulse control not to play?

Well, you know what, you tell *me* what you think I'm gonna say! Since I rant at y'all way too often 😂 https://twitter.com/kasseelian/status/1380588630952046593
God damn it, it's worming its way in my brain and it's intrusive as hell aaaahhh. Okay. Uh, general warning for anyone feeling sensitive--probably don't read this thread. Also, I'm probably going to delete it at some point. Just so you know 😂
Season 9 and 10 are not at all in the original spirit of Stargate. They're some horribly outsized version, and very pointedly missing a heart and soul. Aka Jack.
Overall, TPTB did not think enough after RDA left. I get the feeling he was quality control.
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