Listening to @OffMenuOfficial, and wondering what my perfect meal could be.

A magic restaurant, where I can order anything, from anywhere I've been.

Drink, bread, starter, main, side, and dessert.

I'm thinking about what that might be for me.
I think I'm going with a different drink for each portion.

So to start - cold ice water with a bit of lavender and lemon, just on the table in a decanter.

A basket of artisan rolls. Sourdough, jalapeno cheddar loaf, focacia, pumpernickel.

Salted butter, honey, pimento cheese.
The starter - The Caesar salad from Ted's Montana Grill (just an expertly prepared version of a classic), with a small selection of quick pickles.

(Garlic and dill cucumber, sharp vinegar red onion and habanero, southern pickled okra).

For a drink... shikwasa soda.
I wish I could describe shikwasa, but... fuck.

If you've never been to Okinawa, I have nothing to compare it to.

It's halfway between a lemon and a lime, with flavors I've never had in any other citrus.
For the main...


How the hell do you choose? I've had so much good food, in so many places.
I think it's gotta be something I can't easily make myself. Something that takes a lot of work to do right.

So I think it's gotta be a barbecue plate.

Pulled pork, smoked Jerk chicken, brisket, burnt ends, sausages. Variety of sauces, grilled asparagus, watermelon slaw.
The drink has to be sweet tea. Made with Apple cider vinegar and molasses, which is apparently an old preparation, and holy fuck is it good.
The side has to go with that, and have some acid and be light enough to cut through all that meat.

Tempura fried vegetables, with dipping sauces - ginger lemon, soy, spicy mango chutney.
For dessert - hot Irish coffee, and a glass of port.

I'm thinking a flight, (two bites each) with paired brownie/bar and ice cream.

Mango sorbet & lemon bar
Beni Imo (okinawan purple sweet potato) ice cream and a pecan pie bar
Peach ice cream and Apple crumble
Vanilla, Brownie
Can you tell I miss eating food I haven't cooked myself
Yeah. Yeah I think that's the meal.
I somehow got through it without any fried breaded meat or cheese curds.
Oh god I left out Okinawa soba

And squid-ink chili pasta

And any beer
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