I'm in touch with several health workers who have been suffering terribly with PTSD, and have had to relieve themselves of duty because they were going to hurt themselves.

There are health workers tonight admitted to hospital not for Covid19 but for mental collapse.
They are struggling to live.

And now have to face our limited near non-existent mental health system.

The punches just keep on coming.

We fail them, over and over and over again.
It's an unbearable tragedy that was human-made because of our collective negligence voting for tax cuts and bumper stickers instead of the basics we need to provide for each other.

We didn't even care for the people who were saving our lives every day.

And now they lay broken.
I'm so angry for them.

Who is screaming for them?

The kicker is that our governments, the political marketing and corporate lobbyist pieces of shit who held power for decades, every party (except the NDP), designed an evil system that blames MI on the health workers themselves.
So these health workers, some admitted under watch in hospitals tonight, as we speak, are also denied WSIB and other basic supports to live, after serving us honourably with valour thru a pandemic.

The system demanded they prove they have PTSD.

The system didn't believe them.
Think about that tonight.

It's not good enough to clap.

Or call them heroes.

If you don't give a shit about them.

Think about how fucking demented and evil this is.

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