Javed Ali, former senior dir. for Counterterrorism, NSC:
John Bellinger is my favorite:
Bush's Council for the NSC, later hired by China's Huawei, and provided testimony against the US DOJ during Huawei Princess Meng Wanzhou's extradition trial in Canada.

Bellinger has been against Americans suing China for Wuhan virus reparations.
Daniel Baer, former US ambassador, senior fellow at Carnegie Endowment which has joint project with Tsinghua U - designated "Very High Risk" for its high-level defense research with the PLA & cyber attacks against the US.

Canergie Endowment had received millions $ from China
Daniella Ballou-Aares, former senior advisor to the SOS, board member of outsourcing expert iBex, partner at Dalberg that advises wind energy projects in China:
Tatyana Bolton, former cyber policy official of DHS, currently managing senior fellow at R Street Institute, which needs to register FARA as agent for China:
Charles Boustany, former US Rep.

While Boustany was in Congress, he co-chaired the US-China Working Group.
Todd Buchwald, Office of "Global Criminal Justice", US Dept of State, currently a fellow at the stink tank Wilson Center which has fellowship programs with China - a terror org that runs concentration camps & commits genocide against its minorities.
Kevin Carroll, former Council to the DHS, partner at Wiggin & Dana:
Disgraced retired Gen. James Cartwright who was accused of providing classified info re Stuxnet, a virus used in a US-Israel cyberattack against Iran's nuke to a NYT journalist.

Member of stink tank Belfer Center where Russia boxers share cybersecurity tips with the Chinese.
Steven Cash, former chief counsel to ChiFi whose husband made hundreds of millions of $ from China & they had a Chinese handler/spy/chauffeur working with them for decades!
Michael Chertoff, former Sec. of DHS, senior counsel at Covington & Burling.

If you own a Chinese company that is being sued for stealing IPs or banned over military ties, call Chertoff:

James Clapper, former DNI, fellow at Belfer Center:
William Cohen, former Sec. of DOD, founder of the Cohen Group:
Gary Corn, US Cyber Command, fellow at the R Street:
Charles Dent, former US Rep., senior policy advisor at DLA Piper that currently is suing America's allies - Ukrainian govt - on behalf of America's #1 enemy - China - over the acquisition of Ukrainian defense firm Motor Sich.

Eric Edelman, former DOD official, fellow at Johns Hopkins SAIS - funded by Tung Cheehwa, #2 at the United Front Work Dept, former boss of Hunter Biden's "F**king Spy Chief of China" Patrick Ho who'd been convicted with bribing UN officials & $ laundering

Jeffrey Feltman, former US assist. SEC of State, said he appreciated China's support for the work of the UN, praising China's "robust political leadership", and its Belt and Road Initiative. 🤮

Larry Garber, USAID.
The Brookings had received tons of donations from Huawei, and was where Xitler's nephew Xi Mingzhen worked as an intern.
Morton Halperin:
Jeh Johnson, DHS.
So far stink tank Belfer Center still refuses to disclose its foreign fundings.
Robert Litt, ODNI, co-chair of Morrison Foerster 美國美富律師事務所 :🙄
George Little, DOD Spokesman, CIA, partner at the Brunswick Group:

"One Firm. Globally." 🙄
James Loy, US Coast Guard, DHS, senior counsel at the Cohen Group.
Michael McFaul, former US Amb. to Russia.
Steven McGann, US Amb., founder of the Stevenson Group:
Dennis McGinn, US Navy, senior fellow at the Rocky Mountain Institute. And he's full of shit.
Joseph Medina, Brigadier Gen. US Marine Corps (Ret), CEO of Asia Pacific Strategies & Solutions Group:
Janet Napolitano, DHS, professor at Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy:
Suzanne Nossel, State Dept:

William Owens, US Navy, Vice Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff (Ret), board member of EastWest Institute.

Who else is on the EastWest Board?
Former Bush cyber czar, current Huawei CFO Andy Purdy !
William Perry, DOD, professor at FSI:

"Stanford's Gateway to China"

Randal Phillips, CIA chief rep. in China, partner at Mintz Group & heads its activities across Asia:
Steven Pifer, US Amb., senior fellow at the Brookings that received donations from US NatSec threat Huawei and where Xitler's nephew worked as an intern.
Tony Pipa, USAID, Brookings:

Tom Ridge, DHS, Deloitte, US Chamber of Commerce:
Todd Rosenblum, DHS.
CNAS was co-founded by Michelle Flournoy & Biden's Asia czar Kurt Campbell. Both also founded WestExec with SOS Tony Blinken - Biden's bag man at U Penn Biden Center.

WestExec helped US universities solicit funds from China without losing US DOD grants.
Paul Rosenzweig, DHS, resident senior fellow at R Street:
Nicholas Rostow, ex counsel to NSC, senior research scholar at Yale Law School - where there's a Paul Tsai China Center - 耶魯大學法學院蔡中曾中國中心 - funded with $35M from Ponzi Alibaba's co-founder & @BrooklynNets owner Joe Tsai.
John Singer, CIA, Lawfare.

Lawfare is pushing the Biden administration to use US taxpayer $ to fund colleges that co-op with China's C**tfucius Institites :

Strobe Talbott, ex Dep. Sec. of State, President of the Brookings Institutes.

There's a John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings, where Xitler's nephew worked as an intern.
Kurt Tong, Amb, Partner at the Asia Group.
Jonathan Winer- key Russia collusion hoaxee & dossier peddler at Obama's State Dept. worked for sanctioned Russian oligarch.

Now, Winer is a partner at APCO Worldwide, making Uighur-blood-stained RMB.

Tamara Cofman Wittes, State Dept, wife of Comey BFF Benjamin Wittes, senior fellow at Brookings where Xitler's nephew Xi Mingzhen worked as an intern and where Huawei made its donation

Benjamin Wittes' Lawfare called for US taxpayer $ to fund schools with C**tfucius Inst.
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