TBH, since the @bcndp & @jjhorgan sent militarized RCMP to removed Indigenous people from #Wetsuweten yintah for a #Fracking pipeline and continue 2 violate #UNDRIP to continue logging #OldGrowth in #BCpoli I'm confused what the vibe is @NDP & @theJagmeetSingh #NDPConvention2021. https://twitter.com/NDP/status/1380300422032850947
The #BCNDP blew over like a leaf in a gale (after campaigning on stopping #TMX) and continue to stand idly by as “All the tools in the toolbox” gather dust and mancamps get built on #Secwepemc people fight every day for #ClimateJustice and #HumanRights. #NDPConvention2021
Ancient #OldGrowth culturally required cedars are being logged in violation of pre-Canadian treaties, #Section35 & #UNDRIP leaving stumps big enough to park a car on by logging corporations like WFP celebrated by the @bcndp as “progressive” job creators on #VancouverIsland.
#SiteC is an absolute shit show. That’s all I’ll say about that.
#BritishColumbia doesn’t even have an #EndangeredSpecies Act or any legislation despite being the most biodiverse province in the country. @GeorgeHeyman and #BCNDP, like puppies at a dog fight and rolled over at the first blush of pushback from industry. #NDPConvention2021
A couple of bottles of champagne were popped for the good efforts of indigenous people who fought for #DRIPA legislation to be passed. But it seems so far that’s contingent upon the province picking which Rights are politically convenient at the moment.
Sure, a bunch of already wealthy folks can buy electric vehicles and trick themselves into thinking their consumer choices within global capitalism matter, while BC keeps rubber stamping #FossilFuel expansion projects subsidizing carbon producing corporations. #NDPConvention2021
But I hate to break it to Federal @NDP folks, but it ain’t a New Democratic Wet dream over hear. I get the vibe like they’re more like the federal Liberals in a provincial government. So don’t let the orange fool you. #NDPConvention2021
As a student with the #CanadianYouthClimateCoalition in Ottawa I got drunk and ate carrot cake with @nathancullen & @jacklayton after the drafting of Canada’s first climate change bill under Harper.
Can’t help but think Layton would have some strong words for @jjhorgan #CdnPoli
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