Health authorities in the #Okanagan confirm they are monitoring the actions of @MaximeBernier as he campaigns in that part of #BC against what he calls "draconian lockdowns" during #COVID19.

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The Chief Medical Health Officer at @Interior_Health Dr. Albert de Villiers says, at this point, there's no evidence any rules have been broken.

"We have been made aware of this and there is currently some orders that prohibit these things."

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Dr. Albert de Villiers also tells @NEWS1130 it's hard to watch public safety orders get ignored.

"They're putting people at risk. It's very frustrating because we know our hospitalizations have gone up across the province. You've seen the numbers."

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Three deaths have been recorded at Vernon Jubilee Hospital where the Level 3 surgical unit outbreak has grown to 14 cases (10 patients and 4 staff).
The hospital remains open and @interior_health's Dr. Karen Bloemink says there's currently no shortage of critical care beds.
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