Yesterday while I was visiting a Tijuana shelter for @humanrights1st INM vans delivered 30+ tired, disoriented asylum seekers (families w kids) directly from the border after the US gov had expelled them from TX under Title 42. They joined 750+ already living in the church. 1/n
They shuffled inside; CBP had removed they shoelaces. No bags bc CBP had thrown away a their stuff. The pastor explained they'd been returned to Mexico and bc of T42, nobody can request US asylum. If they can't go home, they can wait here, but they'll be waiting a while. 2/n
Pastor said the US keeps expelling asylum seekers and MX gov keeps bringing them here. 50-100 per day. But they can't go home, so it's getting more and more crowded here. At night, hundreds sleep on gym mats on the floor. You can't even walk through here. 3/n
4 of 15 families I interviewed yesterday had crossed to ask for US protection after having been kidnapped Mexico. Biden admin expelled them back to the danger they'd fled. Several told me a family was kidnapped last week here outside the shelter. Many are afraid to leave. 4/n
Abuse in CBP custody continues, throwing refugees' few belongings in trash. Honduran mom told me CBP threw her depression meds in the trash in front of her while she cried and begged them not to. "I said please, I need my medication. They just said 'shut up'" 5/n
Everyone got sick in freezing cold holding cells. Coughing, vomiting, fever, diarrea- covid symptoms but no covid tests, no medicine. No quarantine before coming here in planes then crowding in shelter. Epileptic child had a seizure. CBP "did nothing. Absolutely nothing." 6/n
Honduran mom and son were lost in the desert 2 days without water. CBP who found them said "you'll be with your family in the US soon" then dumped them back in MX. US gov lies about flight destination, forbids refugees from opening window shades. This is psychological torture.7/n
Why is Biden admin still flying hundreds of asylum-seeking families from TX to the CA border? Is it because the Mexican govt at TX border won't accept Title 42 families expelled there? Instead of cruel, costly flights, why not #welcomewithdignity families seeking protection? 8/8
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