Speaking on a panel about "Protecting Canadians’ Health" at #LPC21, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said "she's eternally grateful that our country had a Liberal government" at the onset of this pandemic.
"We know that the Conservatives do have a price that they can put on lives. They do have a price that they believe we should be spending, and no more than that," Hajdu said.
"We heard many members of the Conservative party over the last year and a half talk about how they wouldn't support measures that would save someone's dream, their business, their family, their loved one," she said.
(Most of the government's pandemic-related relief programs passed the Commons unanimously.)
Hajdu slams Tory MPs who questioned the PM about approving rapid COVID-19 tests — she says Tories have mischaracterized the Health Canada approvals process for political gain. "It was a real indicator about the opposition's perspective on respect for science and regulators."
Procurement Minister Anita Anand says she's deeply discouraged by "the amount of disinformation that is coming from the opposition with regards to vaccines and our procurement of vaccines." She cites the Covax file and CanSino partnership.
Anand says the "good news story out of this pandemic" is that so much of the government's PPE spending is with Canadian manufacturers like Medicom in Quebec and 3M's plant in Brockville. (40% of PPE procurement spending is with Canadian companies, she says.)
Mark Carney, the former Bank of Canada governor, takes some thinly veiled shots at the Tories. 
"Everyone these days — well, almost everyone — recognizes the climate is changing. But when it comes to politics, you make your own weather," he says.
"Canada was going nowhere fast on climate before this government took office. Now, we have a legislative commitment to net-zero, and we're the first country in the G20 with a carbon price policy serious enough to make a difference," Carney says.
(Carney was BOC governor in the Harper years - from 2008-13 - and was appointed with the former PM's consent.)
Carney ends his remarks by saying he's a Liberal and he'll do whatever he can to support the party.
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