Here are today's #COVID19AB stats:

-1,521 new cases (total now 158,426)
-2 new deaths (total now 2,007)
-333 currently in hospital, 83 in ICU (yesterday: 340 in hospital, 83 in ICU)
-13,059 active cases (up from 12,187)
-15,611 tests conducted (~0.7% positive)

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Today's 1,521 new cases of COVID-19 are the most logged in a single day in Alberta since Dec. 16, when 1,587 cases were detected.

#COVID19AB #yyc #yeg
There are 674 new #COVID19AB variant cases in Alberta. They are all the B.1.1.7 variant (the dominant strain in Alberta, first found in the United Kingdom).

There are 5,937 active variant cases, making up 45.5% of Alberta's total active cases.

Alberta's two new #COVID19AB deaths today are:
-a woman in her 50s linked to an outbreak at Covenant Health St. Joseph’s in #yeg, who died April 3
-a woman in her 60s in #yyc zone who died April 7
The first tweet of this thread should say a ~9.7% positivity rate, not a ~0.7% positivity rate. Sorry for this typo.

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