The Alberta Government has continuously moved the pandemic goalposts over the last year. The Kenney govt has ignored emergency management and medical advice that could've saved jobs, the economy, and lives.
#abpoli #ABLeg #COVID19AB
They are now attempting to impose a third lockdown and have changed our reopening steps to be based on vaccinations rather than ICU and hospitalization rates. This is unacceptable and unachievable.
#abpoli #ABLeg #COVID19AB
Small businesses are on their knees, addictions are rising & mental health issues are skyrocketing.
It's time for Albertans to unite & demand a new direction for our province. We need to once again become a beacon of hope, opportunity & freedom
We stand with restaurant owners, the fitness industry, all small businesses, and those fighting for religious freedom.

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#abpoli #ABLeg #COVID19AB
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