This is the reason that leaders around the world -- Merkel, Macron, AMLO and numerous others -- objected so loudly when Silicon Valley removed Trump from the internet, even as US journalists swooned. They see that this kind of oligarchical censorship is anti-democratic tyranny:
If Google's policy -- that you get banned for saying *anything* about COVID-19 that deviates from the views of WHO, Dr. Fauci & friends -- were in place in March, 2020, then you'd have been banned for *urging people to wear masks*. That's when WHO/Fauci were anti-mask.
Listen to Mexican President López Obrador after tech monopolies banned Trump in January, 2021, warning of the serious dangers posed by online censorship to basic democracy and its ability to survive -- warnings repeated by Germany, France & EU officials:
The only people incapable of seeing the grave dangers posed by this ongoing censorship of Silicon Valley monopolies -- now extending even to high elected officials and scientists -- are Democrats and liberal sectors of the media, whose interests are served by this censorship.
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