People are going to talk about addiction as an interpersonal interaction. What’s important to me is that DMX is a survivor of the drug war and the state violence, Reagan, and the creation of the drug war impacted DMX until the day he died.
One day we’re gonna hold the state accountable for the deaths of DMX, Billie Holiday, and every one of our loved ones who were victim to government trafficking drugs into our communities and using drugs to kill Black folks at mass.
DMX was born in 1970, which means his weed was laced with crack in 1984 at the height of the drug war. As important as it is to hold the individuals responsible accountable we have to understand this as a result of government trafficking access to crack cocaine via the CIA.
The crack epidemic, was and is, state violence.
DMX survived the Drug War, the Fostercare to Prison Pipeline, Child Abuse, and Homelessness.
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