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NYS Court System is controlled by corrupt, masonic, satanic judges that prevent normal operation of state & federal constitutional law.
They r protected by corrupt, masonic, satanic federal judges.
Fireplace is in NY's highest courtroom;
with satanic sacrifice.
Above fireplace is a Mexican onyx clapping ("mural").
It depicts the entire satanic ritual/sacrifice:
Straight lines to far right represent stems-flowers that were deflowered/violated like the children.
Mural was created in 1846/1847 & is flaunted in the background of official photos of court ...
& other "groups."
The building where the courthouse is located was called "State Hall," later renamed "Court of Appeals Hall," as in Masonic Hall or Masonic Temple. Here are pics of Court of Appeals [Temple] Hall. Compare with pics of known Masonic Temples in next tweet.
Red rug in NYC Masonic Temple. Others pics are of other Classical Greek Revival Masonic Temples.
More known Masonic Temples. Coincidence?
More known Masonic Temples. Coincidence?
Temple & Hall are synonymous.
Note similarity with Solomon's Temple, which plays prominently in freemasonry.
Do the brass fireplace fittings resemble the pillars in the last pic? Another coincidence?
Read history of courtroom & furnishings yourself.
Note masonic terms & numbers.
1833 > 33
Eagle St > Eagle
9/7/1847 > 16+9+11=36 > 3 6s > 666
1846 > 19
1/14/1884 > 1+5+18+12=36 > 3 6s > 666
1884 > 18+12=30 > when masons are told they serve lucifer
33 portraits in courtroom
What do masonic handshakes and hand signs look like?
Have any NY state judges used masonic handshakes & hand signs, or symbolism by position?
Does Chief Judge Kaye standing under portrait of "hidden hand" represent she's his descendent?
Does Chief Administrative Judge Lippman standing next to Kaye mean he's Kaye's successor?
More masonic handshakes & hand signs by or in front of Chief Judge Lippman (he was Chief Admin Judge & Chief Judge)?
Close-up pic of rams head chairs in Court of Appeals [Temple].
Do freemasons honor the symbol of the Ram in the name of their Masonic King known as Hi-Ram Abiff?
Who is Hi-Ram Abiff?
Why is it bad to have freemasons in govt, especially in the judicial system?
If freemasons take blood oaths to protect their masonic brothers & sisters, can a non-mason ever get a fair trial against a mason?
Do masons really serve lucifer?
Can a Christian or Catholic ever get a fair trial by a masonic judge or against a mason?
Do these concerns multiply if law enforcement & law makers take the same blood oaths?
Are concerns about freemasons warranted?
Do they have any secret agendas?
Do they engage in any criminal or immoral conduct, in fact or symbolically?
Does that conduct harm children even if it is just symbolic?
Have others raised concern about freemasonry & it's secret agenda?
Who is Jessie Czebotar?
As Queen Mother of Darkness & in charge of "The System" (satanic world) on earth, would she know freemasonry is 1of5 depts, intrn'ly?
What about individual judges?
Have any engaged in questionable behavior?
"Symbolism will be their downfall." 17
What is the Order of the Eastern Star?
What is their international symbol?
Do they have ceremonies with child "grooms" akin to the men in 17/👆?
Compare earrings w/ FBI known pedophile symbols.
What does hiding in plain sight mean?
How would pedophile/psychopath do that?
Do psychopaths ever reach highest positions of an organization?
Would fed, state & local LEO be expected @ criminal justice college graduation?
Compare circled dot with earring.
Do masons use checkers to secretly identify themselves to other masons?
What are satanic ritual colors?
Compare satanic costume on sale at Amazon with color combination worn by NYS Chief Judge Kaye.
What do red shoes signify?
Does Jessie Czebotar confirm this, too, in several videos?
Chief Judge Kaye was known for wearing red shoes almost every day. Coincidence?
She claimed she felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
Does Jessie Czebotar confirm in videos that the Wizard of Oz is strongly affiliated with the occult?
Lots of black & blood red.
Was CJ Kaye as bad as some say?
Did they see through the veneer?
Who appointed her to the high court?
Did he have masonic or secret society affiliation?
So much blood red & so many scarves in the high court.
What do scarves signify?
What does the horned hand mean?
How deep does that cult go?
How high does it reach?
Commandants of the Marine Corps?
CJ Kaye's broach is an eagle.
Do eagles have any significance in "The System"?
For masons?
New World Order?
Do birds of a feather flock together?
Is Bruce Willis a known pedophile?
Compare eyebrows of admitted satanist with CJ Kaye's husband's eyebrows.
Why is SCOTUS Sotomayor celebrating a portrait with satanic ritual as backdrop 1/👆, while wearing satanic ritual colors?
She was appellate judge in NYS before Clinton appointed her to SDNY.
Is she more/less likely to be a masonic satanist?
What about CJ Roberts?
What's his/his family's background?
Why would he fly to Epstein's island?
What went on there?
Satanic rituals/abuse/murders?
Who's man in white shirt, dark tie getting off boat at Epstein's island?
What's the Black Eye Club?
Who's in it?
Do they have anything else in common?
Who is Loretta Preska, SDNY?
Is she in charge of releasing court documents in case against Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell?
Michelle Obama & Lady Gaga have what in common? Penis?
Crimes against humanity?
Does Preska have any of those in common?
Another broach.
What jurisdiction did NOTHING with Anthony Weiner's laptop for years?
Who is Mary Jo White?
Another eagle broach?
Rudy Giuliani?
James Comey?
Michael Garcia?
Preet Bharara?
Geoffrey Berman?
How many child sex trafficking rings did they bust?
Did Comey ever engage in seditious conspiracy?
Was he trying to hide something?
What judge did Garcia clerk for?
Was Bharara fired?
Was Berman fired?
Why did they sit on this evidence on Weiner's laptop?
Were they also guilty of crimes against humanity?
Did they think pedophelia or satanic ritual abuse doesn't hurt children?
They knew about pedophile code words.
Why no major arrests?
Major names were involved.
Is that why they did nothing?
DOJ & FBI officials were afraid of entertainers?
Afraid of corrupt/pedophile politicians?
Afraid of corrupt/pedophile judges?
Don't they have all the tools needed to combat corruption?
Or were they part of "The System" and protecting corruption by judges and others?
There's no question that corruption exists.
How far up does it go?
How widespread is it?
Mural 2/👆 has a Draco Reptilian & Dobby/Jinn/House Deity in it.
What type of people would know about aliens & Jinn when the fireplace was made, over 100 years before Harry Potter was written.
What is a Draco Reptilian?
Clearly there are several dark, demonic or satanic figures in the mural.
Why would it be transferred from the old courthouse to the new one over 100 years ago?
Why would such a mural be kept & continue to be displayed?
Why would judges pose with it?
Obama nominated Sotomayor to SCOTUS.
Is that him in the costume?
Was he more or less likely to appoint a satanist?
What about a mason?
Does that handshake look familiar?
What if all this was true?
What charges would he face?
How did Sotomayor get nominated for federal district court judge?
What's a power couple?
What makes someone powerful?
Would that be incompatible with responsibilities as a judge?
Was Roman more or less likely to be a mason as a cop?
See 16/👆
Would it help to become a judge?
Was Roman more/less likely to be a mason if appointed to NYS Appellate Division, 1st Dept?
In NYSBOE v Lopez Torres SCOTUS held judges in NY are appointed by political "party bosses."
Are "party bosses" elected?
Does that render NY judges political hacks?
Masonic puppets?
Is Bloomberg paying masonic homage to the illuminati queen?
Is that a masonic handshake?
Was Bloomberg more/less likely to appoint masons as Deputy Mayor?
Did Bloomberg appoint Carol Nelson as Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs? 39/👆
Is she more/less likely to hire/favor masons?
Does ability to grant/deny release of evidence increase one's "power"?
Judge Preska denied release of name of at least 1 person suspected of child sex trafficking.
p. 108, l. 16:
"Q: When you went to Ohio with Mr. Epstein, did you see [redacted] on more than one occasion?"
Would that make her "powerful" within pedophile circles?
What if she was as "dirty" as CJ Roberts? 34/👆
Are rules written for pedophiles?
For child victims?
For families?
For justice?
"In North America, over 25 MILLION PARENTS are being erased from their children’s lives after divorce and separation." https://erasingfamily.org 
How much negative energy does it create?
Who/what does negative energy/stress benefit?
Does stress affect our health in + or - way?
25 million parents shows systemic issues across nations.
But, why in U.S.?
In Santosky v Kramer SCOTUS held clear & convincing evidence req'd to terminate parental rights.
Is temp interference as important?
Why don't state & federal courts use same standard in temp cases?
In AFSCME v Janus, SCOTUS held indiv can't be forced to pay for other's speech & 1A protects right to remain silent.
Why don't divorce/family courts recognize those rights?
Courts appoint attorneys for children, forensic evaluators, etc in violation of federal constitution.
Courts order parents to pay fees of AFCs, FEs, etc, at rates set by court.
Does any other "debt" get enforced by the "party" that created it, under threat of jail?
Are corrupt, masonic, satanic judges more/less likely to appoint people with similar beliefs?
Are they neutral?
Are good parents more/less likely to fight hard & spend money if their children's well being is threatened by corrupt, pedo, masonic, satanic AFCs, FEs, etc?
What if "justice" was for sale in divorce/family courts?
Who would it benefit?
Who is likely to remain quiet about it?
What would child trafficking under guise of law look like?
What if children were viewed as a commodity or bait by corrupt, masonic, satanic judges & their appointees?
What if the divorce/family court bar (attorneys) was in on it?
Watch the documentary video "Divorce Corp."
Divorce = $50 billion annual industry.
Divorce/family law exploded with increase in property values.

The Military Industrial Complex is to federal govt,
what Divorce & Family Law is to state govt.
They make $$ from misery of others.
More misery = more $$.
What are Cluster B Personality Disorders?
Hare Psychopathy Checklist?
More likely to get divorced?
More likely to make outrageous/false accusations?
Do unscrupulous attorneys/AFCs/FEs ever push their buttons to increase litigation costs or separate children from parents?
What about NYS law?
Parties have state const. right to "divorce by judicial proceedings."
If judge & court appointed AFCs, FEs, etc have secret blood oath to cover-up & protect fellow masons, even if it means perjury or immoral acts 14/👆, are judicial proceedings possible?
What is NYS law re parental/1A associational rts?
Is Bennett v Jeffreys a landmark case?
What is a landmark case?
Is it still “good law”?
Did AD, 2d Dept cite Bennett in Silverman v Silverman or other decisions upholding appointment of AFCs, FEs, etc?
Why not?
Who wrote that decision?
Who is Alan D. Scheinkman?
What other govt jobs did he hold?
What abt private jobs?
What was central holding in Bennett?
“[I]n the extraordinary circumstance, when there is a conflict, the best interest of the child has always been regarded as ...
...superior to the right of parental custody”?
What if there's no conflict?
What is dicta?
In Silverman did Scheinkman cite dicta or the central holding?
Should a former law professor, County Attorney & supervising judge know the difference?
Who benefits from citing dicta?
Did Scheinkman "green light" the appointment of AFCs, FEs, etc for ALL cases and effectively overrule Bennett, a seminal decision from a higher court?
Who wrote original Westchester Supreme Court Matrimonial Part Operational Rules (WOR)?
If WOR written b/c of Excellence Initiative of CJ DiFiore, why didn’t Scheinkman apply them to entire 2d Dept?
Why is excellence ok for 1 county, but not over half the population of NYS?
Do WOR lineup with the CPLR?
NY Constitution?
U.S. Constitution?
Who benefits from WOR?
Matrimonial attorneys?
Who is Scheinkman’s wife?
What type of law does Faith G. Miller, Esq. practice?
What type of law does Scheinkman now practice?
Do his decisions benefit him and/or his wife financially by not following compelling law that is on point?
Define corruption.
Were Scheinkman & Miller engaged when he wrote WOR?
When did he know they were getting married?
Define corruption.
Do SCOTUS decisions in Troxel v Granville & Reno v Flores protect parental/1A rights?
Who were Bonnie & Clyde?
Do criminal husband & wife teams still exist?
Does the Westchester Matrimonial Part have a history of corruption or mishandling cases?
Is the trend continuing?
Who is John P. Colangelo?
Was he transferred out of the Matrimonial Part for misconduct?
Falsifying court documents?
Who is Gretchen Walsh?
Any complaints against her for falsifying court docs?
Anything else?
Covering up for Scheinkman or his wife?
What does she know about mural fr time she worked for CAJ Lippman?
Is she more/less likely to be a mason having worked for Lippman & Scheinkman?
What is the Judicial Commission?
Who appoints the members?
Are they more/less likely to be masons?
Have they failed/refused to investigate complaints against judges, or find wrongdoing?
Have they ignored unequivocal evidence of misconduct against several judges?
What is the Grievance Committee?
Who appoints members?
R they more/less likely 2 b masons?
Has it failed/refused 2 investigate complaints against attorneys or find wrongdoing?
Has it ignored unequivocal evidence of misconduct against several attorneys?
Define Corruption.
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