When there is a coordinated inauthentic hashtag trend, aka #CIB (coordinated inauthentic behaviour) amplified by troll networks & authentic users who are wittingly or unwittingly participants in these networks, the questions that need to be asked: who is behind it & why? #cdnpoli
#LIB2021, in addition to global financial institutions giving the Trudeau gov’t exceptionally high marks for their handling of #cdnecon during pandemic/global financial collapse, combined with O’Toole’s tanking numbers, would be the 1st place to look as to “why”. #cdnpoli
The “who” part of the equation is trickier. #CIB on social media is only exposed when the platforms themselves or investigative journalists/researchers uncover the activity. Then there’s the matter of tracing the very murky path to who’s behind the CIB. https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/15/21438897/troll-farm-turning-point-teenagers-moderation
Just as CIB was originating not only from foreign actors, but domestically as well, it therefore doesn’t seem unreasonable to wonder if, say, @jkenney’s taxpayer-funded “War Room” aka #CanadianEnergyCentre, could be engaging in similar activities? #cdnpoli https://pressprogress.ca/jason-kenneys-energy-war-room-is-spending-tax-dollars-on-facebook-ads-attacking-a-bigfoot-cartoon/
Or how about one of the many #DarkMoney funded propaganda front groups in 🇨🇦 set up as a “non profit” or “charity”. https://twitter.com/heathermoandco/status/1366519261523562500?s=21. One thing’s for sure, if there’s highly suspicious timing for an anti-Trudeau hashtag, chances are that’s because it is suspicious #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/heathermoandco/status/1366519261523562500
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