Mini thread on how I think the Tag Team Turmoil match should be booked.
On the Pre-Show I would have them decide what two teams enter the match first
Natalya, Tamina, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose would start the match off.
Natalya and Tamina would eliminate Dana and Mandy after Nattie makes Mandy submit to the Sharpshooter.
The next team is The Riott Squad
The Riott Sqaud enter the match like a house of fire, taking it too Tamina and Natalya.
The Riott Squads momentum would soon but put to a stop when Natalya causes a distraction that leads to Liv getting superkicked by Tamina.
Natalya and Tamina start picking apart Liv Morgan.
After being beat down for a while, Liv starts to make a comeback, she ducks Natalya’s discuss clothesline and retaliates with an Enzuigiri, she then tags in Ruby.
Ruby comes in off the Hot Tag and takes it to Natalya.
Ruby connects with the Riott Kick to Natalya, Tamina beaks it up before the 3, Liv then enters the ring but she gets tossed out by Tamina, Nattie then tags Tamina in and they set up the Hart Attack on Ruby.
Natalya hits the rope but gets tripped up by Liv Morgan, because of this Ruby is able to take advantage, she slides over Tamina’s shoulder and rolls her up for the 3 count.

Tamina and Natalya have been eliminated.
Tamina and Natalya don’t take their elimination lightly, while Liv and Ruby are in the ring gearing up for their next opponents, Natalya and Tamina attack them from behind.

They then lay both of them out with the Hart Attack.
The next team out is Carmella and Billie Kay.
Carmella and Billie rush to the ring to try and take advantage of what Natalya and Tamina did, when they get in the ring the ref ask Ruby and Liv if they can continue, they say yes and the match is on.
Carmella gives Ruby a facebuster and goes straight for the pin, Ruby kicks out at 2 1/2 though.

Carmella and Billie continue on with their onslaught, separating Ruby from Liv and keeping Ruby in their corner.
Momentum eventually shifts when Billie decides to take a moment to be comedic, Ruby takes advantage of this and takes Billie out, Ruby then makes the tag to Liv and Billie makes the tag to Carmella.
Liv takes Carmella down with 2 clothesline’s followed by a drop kick and running facebuster. Carmella crawls to the corner but Liv doesn’t let up, she connects with a running hip attack followed by a missle dropkick for 2.
Liv picks Carmella up but Carmella swipes her away and super kicks her on the gut, Carmella locks in the code of silence but Ruby breaks it up, Ruby steps back out and gets on the work but an upset Carmella knocks her off.
Carmella waits for Liv to lift up, she attempts the Superkick but Liv ducks, goes behind her and attempts an O-Conor Roll, they bounce off the rope and Billie tags herself in, Billie boots Liv and covers her for the 2 count.
Billie starts having a tantrum, Carmella snaps at Billie, telling her to focus. Billie calms down and gets ready to set up her next move
Billie goes for her sit-out finisher but Liv fights it off, Billie then attempts another boot but misses, Liv connects with her double knee facebuster, Liv covers Billie, Carmella tries to beak it up but Ruby meets her halfway, Liv pins Billie and her and Carmella are out.
The last and final team, Naomi and Lana
Naomi and Lana enter the ring, before the ref starts the match Nia Jax’s theme hits and her, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald make their way to ringside.
The ref starts the match and Naomi and Liv start going at it, trading blows back and forth.
Naomi gets the best of Liv, she then Irish whips her to the corner but Liv reverses, Naomi attempts her corner mule kick but Liv tosses her over the top rope.
Naomi then roundhouse kicks Liv on the apron, then does a sunset flip over the rope for a 2 count, Naomi attempts to lift Liv but she reveals it into a school girl pin for a 2 count.
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