1/n There are so many different ways that we use language; so many different ways of understanding this universe that we all inhabit.

In @RoamBookClub 4.0, I am thrilled to lead a group that will read "Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer. 

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2/n And we're off! 1st meeting this Saturday.

... On Thurs, we had a "Reading Room" (h/t @beauhaan for this fantastic idea) - we just read short passages of the book out loud, in turn

If you try this with a book that is as resonant in meaning as this one, it's amazing ...🔥♥️🔥
3/n Contemplating a book at the exact same tempo as the spoken word is an amazing way to deepen comprehension...

Images dance in the imagination; subtle contrasts become clear; underlying links in the author's thought rise to the surface;

It's like stepping outside of time.
4/n - OR - more accurately, it's like stepping back INSIDE time - but a particular kind of time, a time re-regulated by the cadences of story + voice.

Which is, itself, one of Kimmerer's themes -

That our connections to the earth and each other create our sense of time itself
5/n "... help is required (to keep a fire alive)"

Love this, @yinahuang !

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6/n we love your enthusiasm @nettesblog !

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hearing people think out loud about a book that you've both read, is one of life's great under appreciated pleasures

Loving the conversations we had yesterday about "Braiding Sweetgrass" in @RoamBookClub

Amazing what happens when you let a good author into your thoughts
8/n a good book surfaces memories within you, that then reconnect to other memories, that then leave you feeling more whole and clear

Which is another way of saying that good books are medicine

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9/n love this, @joeyharris ... 🔥♥️🔥 https://twitter.com/joeyharris/status/1382092087366017024?s=20
10/n I LOVE this @RoamBookClub community. ♥️🔥♥️

From today's writing into the Braiding Sweetgrass shared graph ... (see pic)

you guys are AMAZING - much love

cc: @beauhaan @RaygunIcecream
11/n @rossopeter_ has a thread going so now this officially a thread of threads! 🧵

Or, as I learned this week, a "Braided River" (a term river scientists - riverologists? - use to describe the diverging, converging patterns of rivers that form braids) https://twitter.com/rossopeter_/status/1383684013865402368?s=20
12/n I am absolutely loving this -

... an unintended consequence of choosing a book about the beauty of the natural world,

... that our shared @RoamBookClub graph is turning into an overflowing gallery of breath-taking and awe inspiring pictures from around the 🌏🌎🌍

13/n woke up to an aha! moment this morning catalyzed by discussion with @RoamBookClub participants ...

RWK is suggesting that stories aren't just "made out of language" (the way a woven basket might be made out of reeds)

The aha moment is that story IS a kind of language. -->
14/n if a sentence is made out of words ...

A paragraph is made out of sentences

A story is made out of paragraphs

Then perhaps a self is made out of stories, in the same way;

And a community made out of selves

So... story is then the mediator between community and self.
15/n reminded of the incredible last line from "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin

Man survives a day of hellish struggle, mind full of tumult, walks into bar, sits down, and then a woman next to him asks him, "What's your story?"

That's it. That's the story.
16/n ... but being able to tell one's story, at all, is an act of personal power;

And being ASKED to tell that story, is an act of potentially healing grace.

RWK makes a pun out of this: "Re-story-ation" instead of "Restoration"

She's right.

Stories restore. ❤
17/n Could not agree more, @m_ashcroft !

Building on the innovations @beauhaan + cohort pioneered in RBC3, I am equally thrilled to see the basic structure of Roam-ZK being applied to other books, such as the one we are reading, "Braiding Sweetgrass". https://twitter.com/m_ashcroft/status/1387074327972139011?s=20
18/n This is excerpted from a great thread from @calhistorian -

in which he elaborates on some of the key ideas Robin Wall Kimmerer discussed, about our many different ways of knowing things ... https://twitter.com/Jeanvaljean689/status/1387443347225137153?s=20
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