Those in #yyc age 55-64 without underlying health conditions:

There are a tens of thousands of AstraZeneca vaccine appointments available at Telus Convention Centre through AHS online booking. 4,500+ spots open on April 12, 7,000+ open each day from April 13-18.

Here is the page for online booking:

Appointments via AHS can also be booked through 811 Health Link.

If you are eligible, get the jab.

#COVID19AB #yyc
Within #yyc, bookings for Phase 2B through AHS are much more scarce.

Telus Convention Centre currently has about 275 appointments available for those in 2B, all on April 30. The Genesis Centre has a single shot available to book for 2B, also on April 30.

Since this tweet, a considerable amount of appointments for Phase 2B opened up at Telus Convention Centre for the week of April 21.

About 400 doses April 21, about 600 doses each day April 22-27. These can be booked through AHS:

#COVID19AB #yyc
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