A growing number of cases all over the world is threatening to disrupt the next couple of months. There is no doubt that the general easing of restrictions all over the world and the arrival of vaccines harbingering hope, it is only human to take the foot of personal protection.
But at what expense?
With more and more elderly getting the jabs, the arrival of super spreading variants, the transmissibility of the virus is multiplying amongst the youngsters.
It is a no brainer that countries around the world will hesitate to go back to rigid lockdowns as the first time around and that would only spell more trouble.
The livelihood of so many are affected by this, with the pain seeming to be prolonged and probably have lasting effects for a few more years.
The grim news does not offer any hope to healthcare workers around the world, who continue to run on reserve, with lack of break from work to detox. Only time will tell, how we cope with the second onslaught.
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