In all realism, let's suppose in 2022, former Mayor Bill de Blasio, Alessandra Biaggi, or Ron Kim runs for Governor of New York on the Working Families Party line.

I bet we have something like

33% for Lee Zeldin
27% for Bill de Blasio/Biaggi/Kim
40% for Andrew Cuomo
My great fear is that we could have something like

45% for Lee Zeldin (R)
44% for Andrew Cuomo (D)
11% for Bill de Blasio (WFP)

If Zeldin does reasonably well, a third party spoiler only needs to take a significant fraction of anti-Cuomo Democrats to be the spoilers.
This is why I am so concerned about the effort to tar-and-feather Cuomo from the Left.

Their purpose seems to be to make just enough Brooklyn Leftists hate Cuomo so much that they make a protest vote for WFP / Green Party - and throw the election to the Republican candidate.
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