How we talk about disasters has changed dramatically (since ~2006)
The IPCC definition of "climate change" as a detectable change in the statistics of weather (and outcome metric) has been increasingly rejected in favor of "climate change" defined as a causal actor that changes weather

These definitions are 100% incompatible
17 years ago I wrote about how the different definitions of "climate change" used by the FCCC and IPCC was problematic for connecting science and policy

The increasing use of "climate" (or "climate change") as a causal actor adds to this dissonance
I hypothesize that today "climate change" is used often today as shorthand to refer to "emissions" (GHGs or CO2)

So instead of:
emissions-->alter weather statistics over 30 yrs+

we get:
climate change-->alters weather
One casualty of our changing conception of "climate change" has been the notion of "climate variability"
As "climate change" has been redefined as a cause of weather & "climate variability" has been de-emphasized so too has the focus on detecting changes in climate (statistics) in favor of attributing weather events to climate (a cause)

The IPCC D&A framework may be on life support
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