On this day in 1948 soon to be Israeli militants of the Irgun, Lehi and Haganah perpetrated massacres and ethnically cleansed the Palestinian village of Deir Yasin killing scores of innocent civilians then burning their bodies.
"House after house we’re putting in explosives and they are running away. An explosion and move on, an explosion and move on and within a few hours, half the village isn’t there any more"
'I stood them against a wall and blasted them with two rounds from the Tommy gun,” he wrote, describing how he carried out the execution of the girls with a submachine gun.'
"I saw a fair number of corpses,” he added. “I don’t remember encountering the corpse of a fighting man. Not at all. I remember mostly women and old men.”
Shortly after the massacre, Irgun leader Manachem Begin was coming to the US to build political support. US Jews including Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt wrote in the NYT decrying Begin as a fascist and terrorist, asking people to see the danger he represented and shun him.
Today, 70+ years after this massacre, not only had Begin who Einstein et al slammed as a fascist, become PM of Israel but now his political heirs dominate Israeli politics more than ever and they characterize people with the politics of Einstein and Arendt as antisemites.
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