What was there first?
I'd say the nuclear industry is turning out to be a major pest to sea creatures!
Also from the article in 1/:
"Electricite de France SA in January had to disconnect all four reactors at its Paluel nuclear plant on France’s north coast after fish got stuck in the filter drums of the pumping station."
*The nuclear plant's filter drums trapped the fish.
Same problem with nuclear power plants in California in this article from 9 years ago.
"The study investigated impacts from 11 coastal power plants and estimated that in 2003, a single nuclear plant killed close to 3.5 million fish--32 times more than the combined impact of all of the other plants in the study."
5/ https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/water-nuclear
"...nuclear power releases a higher percentage of its wastewater as liquid effluent streams instead of vapor... more direct, intense environmental impact on local water sources, while other plants have a less intense, but broader environmental impact."
"Multiple issues occur concurrently when heated water is released to an aquatic ecosystem... a decrease in dissolved oxygen levels and rise in pH... eutrophication... algae blooms, which block sunlight... Low oxygen levels create hypoxic dead zones..."
"...aquatic animals like fish, causing malnutrition due to insufficient food sources... Vast coral bleaching (coral death) has been observed near coastal power plants that release heated water into the ocean."
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