My freshman year at Arizona was the first year for Coach Miller .. we went 16-15 .. First time Arizona didn’t make the tournament in 25 years. One year later we win 30 games , win the last Pac10 title, make the elite 8. No one remembers the bad start.. but I do ,
real Arizona fans do .. That’s just one example of the excellence that he demanded. He was tough on us 100% .. But every player looks back now and appreciate every second. Thank you Sean for bringing Arizona back .. you deserve much more praise ..
Thank you Sean for pushing me to be great.. Thank you for showing me at such a young age what was possible with hard work .. thank you for all the great memories .. The accolades speak for themselves ..What I believe Arizona is losing , that is not easily replaceable ..
someone with heart and desire to win every single game no matter what the odds are. His approach to the game every day to be the best is what will always separate him from others.
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