I love this whole culture of reciprocating the traditional Tambulam in our homes. Ladies exchange Kumkumam, Haridram, fruits and sarees while for men it is Panchakacham, along with beetel leaves, nuts and a token amount. It keeps friendships and relationships for generations!🤩
It is considered an honour and a blessing to give and receive Tambulam. Also a wonderful opportunity to take blessings of seniors at home. We have a tradition of never sending a guest back without giving Tambulam.

For festivals and special occasions, this fervour increases! 🤩🙏
Nobody really cares what one is giving or receiving. It is the significance of the very act that is important.

It is a beautiful dialogue between families and friends, bond with blessings and auspiciousness. Goes a long way in keeping relationships with fellow-Dharmikas 😀🙏
This whole fading tradition must be encouraged and rejuvenated all over again in the current generation.

I am sure it is not impossible! With the guidance of elders at home. 😀🙏
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