Just because it’s not written verbatim in Scripture doesn’t mean you should do it.

Going to the club is not gonna be mentioned in Scripture. You still gonna go, Christian?

Hennessy is not gonna be found in The Bible. You gonna drink it now, Christian?

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I don’t see pornography in The Bible either. So does that mean you can go watch that flick now, Christian??

Masturbation isn’t gonna be found in The Bible either. Does that mean you can masturbate now, Christian??

Let me explain this to you plainly:
If you read The Bible on a black and white basis ONLY, you’ll sin more than you can imagine.

It takes Holy Spirit to reveal to you what The Word says and what is and is not labeled as SIN.

Many of you are using your freedom to enslave yourselves to the wiles of the enemy
Stop playing with God. Stop playing with yourself.

Don’t let your “intelligence” make you become a fool in God’s eyes.

“Professing to be wise, they became fools”-
Romans 1:22 NKJV

Majority of this generation. Christian or not. Wake up!!

You’ve been asleep for too long
Get planted in a Spirit filled House (church) where the leaders really UNDERSTAND & teach The Word of God.

Don’t go to a church because it appeases to your flesh.

You need to be properly discipled and understand how to be a real Christian

Kingdom minded people are NEEDED
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