As an anti-Palestinian right-winger @GoldsteinBrooke is telling blatant lies... signs like the one photographed are placed there by Israel and it is the Israeli military order / law which forbids entry for Israeli citizens.

Activists have fought back:
It is interesting to note that the image posted by @GoldsteinBrooke is one of the latest iterations of the sign which were updated in order to obscure the facts and simply provide an ominous and rather racist warning to Israelis... the older version of such signs is attached.
Another version of the sign here - can you tell what is missing in the image posted by @GoldsteinBrooke yet?

Yep. That’s right - the signs omit reference to it being the Israeli law that forbids Israeli Jews from entering the Palestinian areas of the West Bank 🤔
This is how deceptive Hasbara can sometimes be with the reframing of narratives and facts...

In changing these signs every so slightly it allows for anti-Palestinian advocates such as @GoldsteinBrooke to spin a completely false narrative to further demonise Palestinians.
In reality Israeli citizens visit Area A of the West Bank every single day - quite a number of them are left-wing peace activists who have very positive experiences spending time in Palestinian communities.

Sadly right-wing activists also enter & terrorise Palestinians too.
And of course there is likely going to be some Israel advocate who comes up under this thread with a link to one of the news pieces of when Israeli soldiers took a wrong turn and were killed in the horrific Ramallah lynching back in 2000 at the start of the 2nd intifada.
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