Channel 4 are doing the right thing.

When Diana's funeral was shown in 1997, they broadcast cartoons so that children had something to watch. Every other channel showed the funeral.

Channel 4 EXISTS to be an alternative channel. Therefore, it HAS to provide an ALTERNATIVE.
During lockdown, a time of acute mental health crisis nationwide, do you THINK everyone in the UK wants to watch wall-to-wall coverage of a dead bloke, regardless of his caste status?

There's a difference between 'showing respect' and actually arbitrarily derailing daily life.
Channel 4, today, is fulfilling an important social need. I'm sure we can appreciate that more than ever right now.
After George VI passed away, social researchers from Mass-Observation recorded one 60-year-old woman who asked: "Don't they think of old folk, sick people, invalids? It's been terrible for them, all this gloom."

They're the ones who are most likely to be watching daytime TV.
So it's IMPORTANT that they're catered for. Big up C4 for their response to today's news.
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