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Story 18- it is about how Bhagwan Shiva protected Madurai when Varuna Dev sent the giant waves to destroy the city.

வருணன் விட்ட கடலை வற்றச் செய்த படலம்
Abhisheka Pandyan was ruling Madurai Kingdom & he was very devoted towards Chokkanathar/ Sundareshwarar.Abhisheka Pandyan used to perform Abhishekam to Chokkanathar regularly.On the Tamil month of Chithirai (April/May) on Chithirai Nakshatra-Pournami (Full Moon) day
he performed all type of Abhishekam to Chokkanathar/
Bhagwan shiva.On that very same day,Indra Dev also used to worship Sundareshwarar & perform Abhishekams.He had to wait until Abhisheka Pandyan Poojai got over.After that,Indra Dev performed Shiva poojai & returned to Indralok.
That time,Varuna visited Indralok.He saw Indra Dev not in a good mood.Varuna enquired Indra Dev.He told that his Shiva Poojai got delayed due to Abhisheka Pandyan Poojai to Chokkanathar.Varuna Dev asked Indra Dev on why he is feeling bad even though he did perform Shiva poojai.
Indra Dev told Varuna that Madurai Chokkanathar gave him relief from the Bhramahathi dosha &also releived Airavatam from the curse of Duruvasa Rishi so doing Shiva Poojai to Chokkanathar was very special to him.Varuna Dev asked if Chokkanathar would cure his chronic stomach ache.
Indra Dev warned Varuna dev not to doubt power of Chokkanathar & told that he will understand by himself.Varuna Dev decided to test the power of Chokkanathar.
He ordered giant ocean waves to destroy Madurai city.Ocean waves rose as great deluge to submerge Madurai city.
People of Madurai were terrified by the approaching ocean waves.Abhisheka Pandyan& people surrendered to Chokkanathar to save them from this disaster.Bhagwan Shiva/ Chokkanathar ordered four clouds worn by him in his locks of hair to suck the ocean water approaching Madurai.
They did so immediately.The ocean water was dried up.People of Madurai & Abhisheka Pandyan worshiped Chokkanathar for saving them.

This is last story of Madurai Kaandam.
Thiruvilayadal puranam is divided into 3 Kaandams - Madurai Kaandam,Koodal Kaandam & Thirualavai Kaandam.
Next is Koodal Kaandam ,it has 30 stories/Padalams.

The next #Thiruvilayadal is about why Madurai City is known as Naan maada Koodal Nagaram. Will post next week.

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