y'all ever notice how pitifully small the ps2 on ps4 library is, the shockingly small amount of ps3 on ps4, and the strangely high amount of older games that only arrive on the ps4 if they're "remastered" or "remakes" https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1380478513191518209
i keep thinking about how the metal gear solid series is deeply associated with the playstation but the only games you can easily download - not stream with psnow, download - are phantom pain and ground zeroes. it's easier to get 2, 3, and rising on xbox than on ps4
and like man you can go on and on with the 'titles you associate with sony that are strangely not available for download on ps4'. the sly cooper series is a big one
also no port of tokyo jungle, forever abandoned to the ps3 and ps3 only
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