A thread & new resource for #DefundthePolice organizers: The avalanche of #AmericanRescuePlan funds coming to states, counties and cities in the next month is going to dramatically shift change the entire landscape of efforts to #DefundPolice. Learn more: https://communityresourcehub.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/0407_CARES_ARPA_B.pdf
Police, jails & prosectors are already lined up at the trough & governors and mayors have already started to earmark funds for cops instead of communities devastated by #COVID19, massive unemployment, the looming eviction & foreclosure crisis & climate catastrophe #DefundPolice
Policymakers are poised to give cops & jailers thousands in "bonuses" & "hero pay" & infuse millions into police departments in response to rising violence instead of addressing the root causes & funding community-based violence interruption programs that work. #DefundPolice
Communities are fighting for and deserve participatory processes to decide how #AmericanRescuePlan funds should be spent including direct cash assistance to individuals #CancelRent, #FundExcludedWorkers & investment in community-based safety strategies, housing, healthcare, jobs.
"Premium pay" under the #AmericanRescuePlan belongs to health care workers, teachers & other essential workers who have literally saved our lives, Black, Indigenous, & migrant workers devastated by the pandemic NOT cops & jailers who have brutalized, infected & neglected them.
Cops negotiated multiple ways to get $ under #AmericanRescuePlan including for training to respond to mental health crises. CIT trained cops killed #DecynthiaClemons #MichelleCusseaux #CharleenaLyles +++ $ should go to community based prevention & intervention programs NOT cops!
Find out how much #AmericanRescuePlan cash is coming to your city, county and state here using this tool from @civilytics https://www.civilytics.com/post/arpa-local-aid/ and let's ensure we continue to #DefundPolice #DefundthePolice #RefundCommunities #DefendBlackLives & invest in genuine public safety.
One last thing: many cities like Chicago poured CARES Act $ into cops instead of communities & some still have $ left over. CARES funds should go to care & voluntary vaccination for incarcerated people #FreeThemAllforPublicHealth & PPE for transportation mask mandate NOT cops
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